Important Types of Programming Languages

Advances in information technology is one of the driving factors that make computer programming skills increase. One of the skills many employers are looking for today is the ability to write computer programs. The following are types of programming languages that beginners need to master.



Most programmers say that Python is a programming language that beginners need to learn. Python is a fairly easy programming language to learn and doesn’t require you to be 100 percent accurate. Not only that, Python is also one of the core languages of the Raspberry Pi.


If you want to write a programming language intended for websites, then JavaScript is an option that you can try. JavaScript is a language that has existed for a long time and includes programming languages that are still used by a number of websites to this day. If you already have a good understanding of HTML then JavaScript will be much easier to learn. You can write JavaScript in another web-based notepad.


Many programmers start learning Java as an initial programming language. This is because Java can be easily applied to other languages which are almost the same, namely C++. The most exciting thing is that Java can be applied to a number of different types of programs, including video games and Android-only applications that use Java.


If you want to improve your programming skills at an advanced level, C++ could be the right choice. It requires basic skills that need to be mastered, for example Java. Your ability to master C++ will make the coding process much more efficient. This is what makes C++ one of the most widely used languages to date.