Programming Languages works: Definition, Types, and Their Use

Programming language is a term that is definitely familiar to you novice programmers. By using this language, you can make your PC or smartphone work properly, make functions that can automatically turn off in air conditioners, and make robots.

However, what exactly is a programming language? What are some examples? And how is it different from other languages in programming? Don’t worry, on this occasion we will explain it in depth especially for you.

Programming Languages

What is a Programming Language?

Based on the official Tech Terms and Hackr pages, the definition of a programming language is as follows:

Just like humans, computers also need language in order to communicate. A combination of various words in a programming language will be strung together to have a purpose, meaning, and also a symbol for a certain thing.

In addition, the computer also has the same characteristics. There are lots of components that must … Read More

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