Make Your Business Website Easy to Search on Google

Many think that using the right keywords or keywords in content is just one way to make the website easy to find on Google. Unfortunately, there are still several other aspects that can make a website appear in search results. In fact, the way search engine algorithms like Google work is not only scanning posts with keywords, but also checking the performance and quality of these websites. That is, there are still methods that must be tried so that the web is easy to find on Google.

Currently, businesses are competing to increase their existence in the digital world. Not only social media, they also have a web as a source of data as well as brand awareness for their target market. One of the dreams they want to achieve is for the website they are building to also appear in the first pages of search engines like Google. The existence of a website in Google search results and other search engines can increase the level of business being run. If the website is in the top position organically and does not use advertising services, the business should be proud of this achievement.

The average internet user only looks at keyword search results on Google’s first page. If a website that is made successful appears in that ranking, the chance to find traffic is also greater. The number of web tourists has also increased so that they are aware of the brand that we are carrying through the web they visit.

Not only for brand awareness, website ranking in search engines also has the opportunity to increase business sales figures. Quality content alone is not enough to make a website in the top position of search engine pages. In fact, website optimization so that it can appear on the initial page is not limited to on-page appearance, such as using keywords on the right topic, web appearance, attractive photos.

Google as the biggest search engine actually wants to provide the best quality web to its users. Because of that, the way Google’s algorithm works for indexing and showing websites in its first page is also quite environmental. Google not only selects content that is relevant to keywords, but also the performance of the web.

Competition to emerge in the early garden also continues to be fierce with the way these algorithms work. In order for the website to be successful in reaching Google’s initial ranking, enter the task notes below as a task list that must be done. The process is indeed not short, but if done consistently and precisely, the web has a greater ability to enter the initial park in this search engine giant.

1. Create Quality Content On The Website

One way to make the website easy to search on Google is to create quality content. Content on the web is not only about the website, but also product pages, about us, and even our first page. In order to get into search engines, one of the methods that must be applied is to match the content with the right keywords. Even though keyword placement and density are number one, always maintain the quality of the content you want to write in it.

Have you ever visited a website with messy writing and immediately left it? For Google, it is a red flag that makes the web immediately abandoned. This search engine also takes into account how comfortable people are visiting the web, reading the content in it, including their visits to other pages on the website. When posting on the web, pay attention to the quality of the writing and use attractive photos. Of course, web tourists also enjoy viewing our web content.

2. Undergo Keyword Studies

Keyword studies are useful in order to be able to identify what keywords must be used on our website. Using the right and relevant keywords can help a website have a great chance of appearing in the first page of a search engine. To do keyword research, use a number of tools to help find the right keywords. There are 2 criteria in determining the right keywords for our website. The first is the search volume, namely how often these keywords are searched. The second criterion is search competition, meaning how many websites use these keywords in their content.

3. Make sure the Website is Mobile-Friendly

Currently, most internet users use smartphones more often for browsing and searching for the data they need on Google. Web visit traffic also comes from users who use cellphones to access it. Both new and old web owners, don’t forget to make sure that the web view can be viewed on smartphones and tablets. The appearance and loading speed of the website must also be maximized when accessed with a cellphone. Google also selects websites that are mobile friendly to enter its first page.

4. Use Interesting Title Tags and Meta Descriptions On The Website

The title tag is the title of the post or web content that appears in the SERP or search engine page, otherwise the meta description can be likened to a ‘synopsis’ of the post. The use of attractive title tags and meta descriptions can actually attract the attention of tourists to click on our website. These two markers can increase web ranking in the SERP while increasing the number of clicks that enter the web via search engines.

5. Use SSL Certificate

Web identity that uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is the presence of a green check mark next to the title tag. Not only that, the letters https appear on the domain or web URL. Google has also prioritized websites that install SSL certificates to dominate search engine start pages since 2014. Even websites that don’t install SSL certificates are immediately labeled ‘Not Secured’ or uncomfortable on the URL bar.

6. Optimization of Photos On The Website

Even though it is often ignored, optimizing photos on the web is in fact one of the ways to make the website easy to find on Google. Web speed when loading is affected by the dimensions of the photos and graphics in it. Try so that the photos used are not too large, but the quality is always maintained and not damaged. This guide must also be observed on the product page, which shows several products in one page.

Not only the size of the photo, the use of keywords as alt text can also increase the chances of a website entering the Google Images search page. Before uploading any content to the web, enter the alt-text for the right keyword photo. Write accurate keywords to describe the photo.

7. Make Sure The Content Is Easy To Share

Have you ever seen social media icons like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and the like in a post or product page? The icon helps web travelers more easily share the content they read. Even though it doesn’t have a big impact on Google rankings, content that is easy to share keeps traffic growing.

8. Increase Website Loading Speed

Web speed when loading is also a factor that determines eligibility to enter the Google search page. Loading time is closely related to user experience (UX), so Google wants to take that marker into account. Not only that, websites that load quickly can also bring in large conversion values because it makes it easy for visitors to transact on our website.

Apart from determining the right dimensions and type of photos, the use of plugins also affects the loading speed. Also, carry out site audits regularly to filter out unnecessary information on a website.

9. Use Internal Links

Internal links that you want to include in the content must be relevant to each other. So, don’t just enter internal links whose contents are not related to the content being discussed. Also use anchor text, aka text with hyperlinks, so don’t explicitly include other park URLs in the content. The more internal links in a post, the easier it will be for Google to understand the context of the post and its relation to the keywords used.

10. Use Google My Business

My Business is a service from Google for local businesses that can increase rankings in search engines. If a user types in relevant keywords, several local businesses near us or a city will appear in the form of Google Maps. As is known, position suggestions from Google Maps always appear in the first page, so it can increase the chances of our business appearing in the first page of a Google search.

The trick is also easy, just create a Google My Business account, then claim the business position on Maps as your own. Google will then verify the business via e-mail, and we can also optimize the business listings that are running. The more complete the listing, the greater the chance for a business to get broadcasts and the number of clicks on Google.

11. Collect Business Reviews

Still talking about My Business, Google user ratings for businesses can also affect our web ranking. The more good reviews you get, the greater the business opportunities that arise in Google’s initial park. Not only asking customers to provide ratings or reviews, businesses must also be proactive and respond to any input or complaints they have.

12. Use Google Analytics

These tools help monitor the performance of each park on a website while obtaining traffic data. Even though it doesn’t affect web ranking, at least Google Analytics can help us create problems in web content. We can also create higher quality content thanks to these free tools.

13. Fix Broken Links

There are several cases where the web page cannot be accessed at all due to broken links. Usually it arises because there are pages that are deleted either planned or unplanned when we click on the internal links or inbound links that are obtained. Always keep web performance from dropping in rankings by removing URLs that have been exchanged or are no longer used. For this guide, use Google Search Console so that work continues to be easy.

14. Stay away from 404 errors

One of the bad dreams for web visitors is the appearance of a 404 code when accessing a link. This bad dream continues to come true because Google also indexes some websites that have this error code. As a result, this search engine giant wants to lower web rankings until we fix them. Stay away from codes like this and do regular web checks.

15. Create a Google Ads Ad

The most instant way for people to create a business website in the early garden is to create a Google Ads ad. When typing keywords, Google shows some websites that are marked with the words “Army (AD)” at the top ranking. This means that the website uses Google Ads services to promote the site.

What is very important, maintain the quality of the website so that tourists continue to be safe, even if they use Google Ads. The web is made for the convenience of tourists, not for Google’s algorithm.