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Tips On How To Do An Accessibility Review

web accessibility

Screen readers like VoiceOver and NVDA provide a context menu for skipping to necessary areas on the page. If you’re doing an accessibility verify, you can use these menus to get a fast overview of the web page and decide if heading ranges are acceptable and which landmarks are in use.

To learn extra take a look at these tutorial videos on the basics ofVoiceOverandNVDA. Interactive elements, like hyperlinks and buttons, ought to be distinguishable from non-interactive parts. It is difficult for users to navigate a web site or app once they cannot inform if an element is clickable. One common practice is underlining hyperlinks to differentiate them from their surrounding textual content. Improving common keyboard help lays some groundwork for the following step, which is to examine the page for correct labeling and semantics and any obstructions to screen reader navigation.

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